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NIOSH N95 Approved

1. Brief description of NIOSH approved N95 particulate respirator.

N95 is one of nine classifications for NIOSH certified particulate respirators.

“N” is for non-oil particulates; “95” means the filtration efficiency will be no less than 95% when under the detecting conditions assigned by NIOSH. Only those which meet the n95 standard and approved by NIOSH can be called NIOSH N95 masks.

2. List of approved products

Model Standard TC-code Carbon Valve Style
6115/6115L NIOSH N95 84A-5530 × × Cup shaped
6135/6135L NIOSH N95 84A-7284 × Cup shaped
6155/6155L NIOSH N95 84A-6766 × Cup shaped
6175/6175L NIOSH N95 84A-7285 Cup shaped
6815S NIOSH N95 84A-6810 × × Cup shaped
8225 NIOSH N95 84A-7447 × × Folded
8265 NIOSH N95 84A-7448 × Folded
8865 NIOSH N95 84A-7449 × Folded

3. Marking and OEM

The NISOH approved respirators are required to have the following markings on the respirator and the mini unit package:
1. Name of Approval holder/manufacturer business name.
2. NIOSH in block letters or the NIOSH logo
3. NIOSH Testing and Certification approval number, e.g. TC-84A-XXXX.
4. NIOSH filter series and filter efficiency level, e.g. N95, N99, N100, R95, P95, P99, P100
5. Model Number or part number: The approval holder’s respirator model number or part number.
6. The lot number
Please contact our sales directly if you need OEM your private logo on our NIOSH N95 certificated models.